Can you modify any structure?

Yes! The options are almost unlimited.

What is the tallest structure you can make?

We can make a building 14 foot tall.

Do you install on the ground are pavement?

We can install on both ground and pavement.

Do you install and deliver?

Yes, we do. We install and deliver.

What is the Length?

The Bottom (Base Rail) is always one foot shorter than the roof (6-inch overhang in the front and back).

What is the difference between 14 and 12-gauge metal?

12-gauge is the stronger metal

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal Roof?

A Vertical roof has panels running up and down. While a Horizontal roof has panels running the length of the structure. therefore, vertical roofs can handle more weight because of the hat channel
and helps rain, and snow slide off the roof.

what is certified a certified structure?

A certified structure is a special structure that is designed to withstand up to 140 MPH and up to 30-35 PSF.

What is wainscot? 

Wainscot is a style that changes the bottom three feet of the sides and ends to a different color than the rest of the structures.


What products do we offer?

StorMor Portable Buildings, Legacy Metal Buildings, and Big Creek Nursery greenhouses, chicken coops, and feed rooms.